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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles S02E12 HDTV XviD-NoTV [ez
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2008-12-09 03:30:05 GMT
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first comment fnord!
still interesting enough, but I hope it comes to a conclusion this season .... doubt it will.
Damn FluxCapacitor. Was hoping to get the first comment:)

Thanks eztv.
20,000 leachers? Is that all?
This show is starting to piss me off, but I cant stop watching it! Thx for the the upload.
Psychah: Conclusion? Naah, the idea with this is as usual, to somehow just keep us enough on our toes to contintue watching, so they get their money from the commercials. Wait, where are the commercials...? Something's wrong!
almost 30000 leechers... a record for tscc torrents?
past 30000 now.. nevermind
as always, ur my hero, lol
actually its almost up on 30000 leechers now... thanks for the upload eztv!
EZTV is the best! He delivers every time! And I have no problem in sharing any file of his. Quality, quality, quality!
thanks ez
psychah - Somewhere I heard that there will be three seasons, but then I think that is highly unlikely since Terminator Salvation comes out in May of next year. The story line according to The Official Terminator Wiki is that Connor Chronicals leaves off right after T2, and then T4 will come in after that, T3 isjut an alternate timeline but then IMDB say that T4 comes in after T3. IMDB is wrong about alot of things. I can't wait though.
awsome ez. the master of boredom killing strikes again. hahahaha thanks again
Ta Muchly 4 the UL...

Always a great quality.

Now don't get me wrong here peeps, as I love the show but! does anyone else think the storylines are getting a bit lacklustre? Its like the script writers are either dragging it out or, they are not very imaginative.

That ginger haired female terminator has got to be the most horrific looking woman I've ever seen...on TV or otherwise....YUK!
That last episode sure sucked balls
I hear this is the last seson so im hoping for some action in this episode..
Thanx EZ
The episodes are getting really meaningless. I always get bored by a serie after 1 and a half season. Lost, heroes prisonbreak and so on, just think that they lack of intresting and new stuff after a while. Or they try make it intresting but it just makes no sence and so meaningless and endless.

Thanks for the episodes anyhow, good quality!
That Ginger haired terminator is Shirley Manson.

Csuk, you need your eyes checked shes HOT!
vielen Dank